Kitty Tweddle and the Wishing Well is FREE on Amazon kindle from Feb. 19-20. Click this link to get your copy: This cross between Harry Potter and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, mixes folklore and fantasy with a healthy dollop of humor to brew up a magical adventure for children and adults alike.

A book for girls with gumption, this coming of age fantasy is the first in a new middle-grade series full of witches, fairies, talking cats, enchanted libraries and magic galore!  

If you’d like to get your FREE copy and help me relaunch this book to the top of its Amazon categories, here’s how:

(Thanks, Steve Bivans for this list!)

To help, all you have to do is:

  1. Click on this link, and ‘buy’ the Kindle version of this Free online book for kids. If you want, you can stop at that point. Just downloading it will help get the book to the top of the rankings. But I hope you’ll actually read it, too.
  2. If you don’t have a Kindle, that’s okay. (Click the link under the book cover photo that says, ‘Read on Any Device’ and download the free Kindle reader for your computer, or phone.)
  3. Read the book at your own pace and time.
  4. When you’re finished reading it, or when you’ve fallen in love with it, please go back to the Amazon page and leave an honest review! This doesn’t have to be long and complicated. It could just be “I love this book!” A sentence or two is all you need to do unless you feel like writing more. (This is really important for independent authors. It really does help to sell more books)
  5. SHARE the link to the book with all of your friends and family! On Facebook, Twitter, email, phone,….whatever.



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HJ Blenkinsop PhD writes books for girls with gumption and is the author of Kitty Tweddle and the Wishing Well. When she’s not cooking up strange tales, HJ dabbles in soap making and potion mixing. She also blogs about catlore – the folklore of cats – at Chicken Road Diaries.

Would you like to read an extract of Kitty Tweddle and the Wishing Well? Just tell me where to send it.

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