Watch the trailer for HJ Blenkinsop’s first book, Kitty Tweddle and the Wishing Well

Stuck for the summer in the tiny Scottish village of Dribble, eleven-year-old Kitty Tweddle thinks this will be the worst summer ever. But her grandparents’ house holds many secrets, and when Kitty steps on an enchanted penny, a world filled with magic unravels around her. With a rogue wishing well spewing out bad wishes, a mysterious house full of secret passageways, and magical creatures everywhere she turns, Kitty’s summer suddenly gets a lot more interesting.

KTamazonBut when a bogeyman escapes Fairyland, determined to use the well for his own dark wishes, Kitty’s whole world is put in danger. And only Kitty, aided by three talking cats and a book of magic, can stop him. If she fails, her home and everyone she loves will be lost. Forever.

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  1. Your stories sound interesting. Have you published any yet?

    Your Twitter description brought to mind one of my favourite authors who crosses mythology with Fantasy in a series of books about goblins. Have you read Jaq D. Hawkins?

  2. Nice to meet another writer. No, not me. My oldest daughter’s mother in law is Leslie Meier, mystery writer. I’m just a wannabe writer, mostly political blogs and pics of cats.


  3. Hi H.J.!
    I’m sorry I haven’t been keeping track of what you’re up to lately. I didn’t realize you had finally published this book! I’ll be getting my copy shortly. I look forward to reading it!

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