Incubus Tat the Vampire CatIncubus Tat the Vampire Cat (Book 1 of the Apocalypse)
The end of days is upon us….

When Incubus Tat is offered a job by The Authority, she reluctantly accepts. No one says ‘no’ to the Ink Blot demon. Not even a mass murdering vampire cat. However, she soon realizes they’ve hired her to start the apocalypse. The thing is, Incubus loves life – it’s her favorite thing on the menu.  So she makes the most unlikely alliance and together they resolve to stop the apocalypse dead in its tracks – or roast in Hell trying.

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Story MasterStory Master
Never trust a story, unless you are its master…

The Story Masters have disappeared plunging the world into chaos. An outcast, Maud is on a quest to find out where she belongs. She journeys to haunted castles, enchanted forests and a treasure chest guarded by living spells, while she is hunted by one who will stop at nothing to capture her. With some unexpected help, she discovers the magic of stories. Every word spoken, written or thought casts a spell. The magic is in the telling. To find out where she belongs, Maud must learn to craft the story of her life and become the first Story Master to exist for an age.

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Kitty Tweddle and the Wishing Well-11Kitty Tweddle and the Wishing Well
Be careful what you wish for…

When 12-year-old Kitty Tweddle is sent to her grandparents old house in Scotland for the summer holidays, she thinks it’s the worst. However, she quickly discovers that their mysterious house hides secrets – a padlocked room she is forbidden to enter, secret passageways within the walls and some very wicked magic. When a wishing well springs up in the basement, three neighborhood cats lend their paws to find out why. Meanwhile, the City’s gargoyles are going missing, and it’s only a matter of time before this reality collides with another. Forever… unless Kitty and the cats can stop it.

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2 thoughts on “Books

  1. Your stories sound interesting. Have you published any yet?

    Your Twitter description brought to mind one of my favourite authors who crosses mythology with Fantasy in a series of books about goblins. Have you read Jaq D. Hawkins?

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